Community Groups

What is community?


If you read the book of Acts, it becomes clear that the home churches of the time had something that we tend to lack in the modern an intimate, personal life together!  These people were so in tune with each other that they often sold possessions to help through difficult times.  They were more than just acquaintances that saw each other on Sunday mornings...they were a family; sharing in both their joys and times of distress.


At Emmanuel, it is our hope to imitate the model of true church fellowship.  Based off of Acts 2:42-47, our groups meet weekly in homes throughout the community; with the goal of fellowship and building relationships with each other.


We also take it one step further, by following the discipleship plan of Jesus himself...our groups dedicate a specific time to sit down in gender specific groups and get real with one another.  The heart of these 'd-groups' is to spend time in in-depth studies of the scriptures and walk with each other through life's challenges that face all of us as followers of Christ.


What does it look like?


1st Wednesday of odd number months

community meal on the campus to fellowship and report


The rest of the month

gather in homes for fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and discipleship


What about my kids?


They go where you go! We believe that a child's discipleship begins with you, the parents.  And what better way for them to learn how to be Christ-followers than witnessing their parents be Christ-followers every week?  For that reason, each group is dedicated to spending a few minutes every meeting to include the children in a short devotional, bible drill or fun activity that will help further their relationship with the Lord.  Each group is different, but they all have the same goal in mind, show our kids what it looks like to love God and to love your neighbor!


Where can I go?


Because each group is focused on what works best for their 'family', they all meet at different times and places...fill out the form below and we will work to get you plugged in! 


Come join our family...fill out the form and we'll be in touch!