A Word About Deacon Ministry

This heartfelt message was written by our Deacon of Deacons, Kyle Hodges.


Let us reflect (including me). In Matthew 16:24, Christ tells His disciples to take up their cross and follow Him. Taking up our cross and dying to self is likely not going to be comfortable. The apostles sacrificed everything to serve and they willingly went into situations where they could be arrested, threatened, and possibly killed. Yes, they had the physical experience of Jesus with them. But we have the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit. Have we gotten too comfortable in how we serve? Does our service need convenience too?


Hebrews 12:25-29 shows us that we are a part of a kingdom that cannot be shaken. Since we are a part of that kingdom, we are to show gratitude through acceptable service with awe and reverence. What makes our service acceptable? Do we depend too much on our own merits and conditions to serve? Are we really living in awe and reverence? Are we in His Word so we can prepare our hearts to hear when the Holy Spirit prompts us?


There are deacon roles in our church that are not filled. There are seemingly qualified candidates in our church body for filling those deacon roles. Yet, time after time the heart is not ready to serve. Are we hearing the Holy Spirit or are we hearing the weakness of our heart because of the sin corpse on us?


When an opportunity is presented before us, maybe, just maybe it’s a door opened by the Holy Spirit. Instead of looking for reasons not to serve, maybe we should reflect on the awesomeness of our Creator, the wonder of why He chose us to receive a saving knowledge of His Son, and the grace He poured out for us, so we could have a heart willing to say, “Yes, I’ll serve.” Then we can have the reverence to say, if it’s not comfortable, “I’ll serve.” If it’s not convenient, “I’ll serve.” If I can only do it with His strength and not mine, “I’ll serve.”


This by no means is meant to be a trip down guilt lane: just a plea for clarity. Emmanuel ONLY wants deacons responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. But a sincere reflection of our heart is necessary for obedience. The deacon roles are not difficult. We only need a heart ready to put His will before ours.


Check your heart.

Check your awe and reverence.


Kyle Hodges, Deacon of Deacons

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